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Digital Currency Systems



Our DCS CashSpot™ is an all-in one solution ideal for Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, and other businesses looking to dive in to the financial service industry. DCS CashSpot™ offers check cashing, bill payment, money orders, money transfer, pre-paid debit cards, phone cards, phone PINs, Top Ups, Visa gift cards, Cashing Plastic™, and more!

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Our Story

DCS leads the industry with a suite of tools to effectively operate, manage, and grow your operation. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience, combined with the latest technologies, have allowed us to develop software solutions that are uniquely catered to your financial services business needs.


Having served the alternative financial services and MSB (money service business) industries for over 25 years, we understand that it takes more than technology to provide MSBs the most effective point-of-sale system available. That’s why we offer a turnkey experience from sales, to hardware, to installation, to service, and continued support.

Experience the DCS Difference.

What’s New

Cashing Plastic™ – Unload Cash Directly off your PIN Debit Card

Cashing Plastic™ allows you to convert your customer’s government issued debit cards, tax returns issued on debit, and any other PIN based debit card directly to cash. ATM restrictions do not apply.


Cashing Plastic™ allows for you to convert any amount directly to cash. Keep up with the changing check cashing environment with Cashing Plastic™.


Turn your location into a highly-profitable check cashing and financial service center with ease! Experience the CashSpot difference today!! Click on the image below and use the offer code to receive a significant discount off your set up!

c-store MASTER

Advertising & Events

DCS is a proud member of NACS and supporter of the convenience retail industry.

Thank you to those of you who stopped by our booth at the NACS Show in Las Vegas!

Convenience Customer

A recent article from started this way: “Convenience Stores Sell Time – Convenience stores offer speed of service to time-starved consumers who want to get in and out of the store quickly. These shoppers recognize this channel of trade for its convenient locations, extended hours of operation, one-stop shopping, grab-and-go foodservice, variety of merchandise and fast transactions.”

We could not agree more and have developed the DCS CashSpot™ as an all-in one solution specifically to meet the needs of the convenience customer. Consider the value of being able to offer check cashing, bill payment, money orders, money transfer, pre-paid debit cards, phone cards, phone PINs, Top Ups, Visa gift cards, Cashing Plastic™, and more to your customers.


Facts & Figures

How do you separate your business from the competition? The answer is easy: The DCS CashSpot!


By cashing just 300 checks, you have the potential to earn $4,000 in profits!!  What a great way to provide your customers with a much needed service while adding to your bottom line.

Markets Served

DCS serves convenience stores in every corner of the United States.  Don’t wait, REQUEST A DEMO and let us outline how our suite of financial solutions can be tailored to your needs today and can grow to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


Here’s More

DCS maintains a vast array of industry partners and software integrations. Through its extensive partnerships and integrations, DCS is able to provide a seamless, far-reaching level of expertise to the industries we serve. DCS industry partners. Click HERE to see our complete list of partners.

Want to learn more or connect with DCS? Click HERE, complete the contact form and we will be in touch shortly.