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ExecuTrak®: A single integrated solution for the petroleum marketing industry is here. FACTOR’s Core Solution, ExecuTrak®, is a comprehensive back office accounting solution for multiple lines of business dealing with wholesale fuel, convenience stores, home heating, consignment dealers, propane, LP Gas, and Lubricant Distributors. LEARN MORE

StoreTrak®: FACTOR’s StoreTrak® back office solution helps convenience store operators automate daily operations, eliminate manual activities, and significantly reduce the time spent on back-office tasks. StoreTrak® not only improves operations at the store level, it provides upper management at the corporate office level with meaningful and actionable data.  LEARN MORE

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DeliveryTrak®: FACTOR’s suite of Fuel Distribution Software Solutions provides a comprehensive fuel delivery system that automates fuel purchasing and distribution, from order generation through delivery and billing. LEARN MORE

FuelTrak®: The most comprehensive home heat solution with the functionality to create efficient workflows and streamline operations. Our robust solution is effective for managing LP Gas, Propane, and Fuel Oil Operations, and any other product delivery based on dispatch tickets and/or scheduled deliveries. LEARN MORE

Our Story

Since our inception in 1979, FACTOR® has been committed to providing companies in the petroleum marketing and convenience store industries with proven industry-leading software, process optimization, and powerful & insightful reporting capabilities. With these tools, FACTOR® helps customers streamline their operations and maximize profitability.

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WR Hess Oil, our family-owned sister company, has been in wholesale and retail petroleum marketing since 1946 and uses FACTOR software to run the company to this day. With unrivaled experience in the industry, and with a front row seat to the challenges petroleum marketers face to remain profitable, FACTOR understands what solutions you, as a fellow petroleum marketer, really need.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience optimizing business, home office, back office, and accounting processes helps companies increase staff productivity, margins and profits. We improve the financial performance of our customers, and that is why we know- When You Get the Facts, You’ll Get FACTOR®.

What’s New

DealerTrak™: DealerTrak™ cuts through the long wait times that petroleum marketers encounter operating consigned dealer locations. You no longer have to spend an inordinate amount of time gathering information from dealers and then manually entering it into the system. Our solution automatically retrieves inventory, sales information, and credit card receipts directly from the POS (Auto Polling) of the dealer location on a scheduled basis. LEARN MORE

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: ServiceTrak™ gives “peace of mind” that your back office operations are always running smoothly. We act as your “Controller” and help you implement tools and processes to automate and simplify running your business. Whether you operate convenience stores, distribute wholesale fuel, or both; ServiceTrak™ will make sure you always have critical information and insight into your business. LEARN MORE

Managed IT & Cloud Services: In the event of a system failure, would your critical data be protected? FACTOR provides cloud-based IT solutions for customers that have a limited IT staff or just want to reduce their IT costs. You can host your solution to alleviate the worry over managing and purchasing new hardware or handling system administration. We also handle data back up and serve as a disaster recovery provider for petroleum marketers. LEARN MORE


FACTOR solutions will change the way you do business. From enhancing productivity, reducing overhead, and increasing profits, FACTOR has the integrated software solutions and keen expertise to help elevate your daily financial performance.
For more than 35 years, we have been serving the petroleum marketing industry with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our solutions are not only built for today, but they are powerful enough to foster your future growth. To that end, our solutions are very scalable and modular for businesses to seamlessly adapt to steady changes in the marketplace.
We have helped hundreds of customers— large, medium, and small—to:

  • Analyze information to create meaningful financial, operational, and management reporting
  • Maximize margins and profits for higher ROI
  • Increase profitability, productivity, visibility, and insight into your business
  • Gain tighter financial and inventory controls
  • Make daily informed decisions
  • Deploy fully integrated solutions through on-site, Cloud-based, or outsourced services

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FACTOR is a proud member of NACS and participates in a number of industry events.

Convenience Customer

Through process automation, improved internal controls, and accurate reporting, our industry-leading software helps convenience store companies realize their goals of lower operational costs and increased profit. Our solutions allow our retailers to spend more time focused on the most important activity—customer satisfaction!

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Facts & Figures

Here are some facts and figures from FACTOR customers.

“FACTOR gives us total control over retail pricing and vendor invoicing, significantly reducing errors. Our margins have increased by 25%, so all of our items have a minimum of 40% gross margin.”
Terri Wessels, Wessels Oil Company, Inc.

“FACTOR has allowed us to grow our wholesale volume by 45%, while at the same time eliminating 60% of our workload.”
Molinda Kirkpatrick, MGK Logistics, LLC

“FACTOR has significantly improved our inventory control. Margins have increased 5%!”
Pat Berry, McKenzie Oil Company, Inc.

Markets Served

FACTOR has over 400 customers across the United States and Canada in the convenience store and wholesale petroleum marketing industries.

Here’s More

FACTOR’s in depth knowledge of industry issues has helped hundreds of companies to streamline daily operations and automate business, home office, back office, and accounting processes. Our solutions maximize the operational profitability of our clients through process automation and best practices. Moreover, our solutions also provide critical insight into our client’s operations, enabling them to become more successful at decision making, as a result of having accurate, daily reporting.

FACTOR focuses on process improvement and true business consulting, proving to be more than just a software solution.